Wednesday, January 13, 2010


For Soupy and Marion and M--thanks for your comments. The lunch menu post is for you!


PB Jelly - cut into heart shapes
Peach cup

Roast beef sandwiches - cut into stars
White beans

Wednesday - Pictured
On Wednesdays, we have swim class. Kylie is ravenous after her class and eats lunch in the car during our 45 minute drive home. So I put her lunch in this container for her.
Ham and cheese
Mandarin oranges

Turkey sandwiches - cut into flowers
Black beans
Pepper strips & celery & dressing

Mac & cheese
Hot dogs
Jello cup

Saturdays are our indulgence days where we usually eat fast food.
Cheeseburger or chicken nuggets
Apples or oranges

Cheese toast
Sun chips
Pineapple cup

Go in there Mommy and count to 10 so I can hide.
Okay, static-hair girl.

Now chase me around the table Mommy. Chase Me!


Mina said...

How cute! Thanks for sharing!

Soupy said...

Thanks! Love the cutting idea of the sandwiches! Maybe then she'd eat the sandwich for me! LOL

Dani said...

What a great post!

Cara said...

Very thoughtful. I need to plan ahead too. I read today that keeping a food diary of your child's eating also helps determine nutritional gaps, etc.

Beth said...

love the menu -- esp. the shapes of the sandwiches -- what a great idea! do you use cookie cutters?

Kerry Lynn said...

Will you be MY mom??

I wish M&J ate half of that stuff. Feeding them is a nightmare.
We mostly eat Trader Joe's cereal bars and cheese and yogurt.

Clare said...

Thanks for the lunch menu, really interesting. Your daughter is GORGEOUS...and your blog is very addictive reading!

Meg - Tea And Brie said...

its been awhile since i've stopped by, and i'm glad i caught this post. what a cool shot, i love that placemat/cloth you have under the lunch :) make it really pop.

I don't really plan lunch ahead as we usually make enough dinner for leftovers the next day. on the days we don't, i hit our old standbys of mac'n'cheese with smartdogs and fruit or pb&j with fruit. Today? I'm living out of the box with hummus, whole wheat pita, pears, and pomegranate juice. wahoo!

kylie is getting so so big. what a beautiful girl :)

ROOT226 said...

Hello, I'm so glad to have stumbled upon your blog, great ideas! I'm going to try your sandwich cutting idea; hopefully he'll start looking forward to lunches again. OH and i hope you dont ming....I'm going to post about this tonight and reference your blog, of course. :) Thanks for sharing! -Monica

CJ said...

That last picture is great! I wanna eat lunch with you!