Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas around the house

Our first Christmas in Florida and our house is all decorated. From the Christmas tree

To the stockings and Nativity on the wrap-around fireplace.
This year's new purchases are the wreath that lights up at night positioned above the fireplace and the pillow on the couch (thank you Mom for the early Christmas present!)

Are you doing "The Elf on the Shelf"? We got the elf and book for Kylie. We read her the book the day we put up the tree. I didn't think she was paying much attention. But when her friend Lily came to play the next day, Kylie told her the whole story of the elf flying to see Santa during the night and telling Santa about your good or bad behavior. One night, Kylie was having a bit of a fit before bed. She was overtired and weepy and argumentative. I said, "Remember, the elf is watching you". And she quieted right down.

The most fun she's having with this is looking for the elf's new position each day. I'm glad we got the this sweet elf!

The last bit of Christmas around the house is this new custom-built piece we had made for our bedroom. It was delivered last night and I'm already in love with it. It's going to provide us with a ton of storage.

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Kerry Lynn said...

We haven't done the elf yet. I think next year will be perfect.

I've heard so many hysterical stories from friends with older kids. Recently my friend told me that one day last week the elf fell down to the floor from his new position of the day. They all just froze in their tracks and didn't know what to do since you're not supposed to touch him. They had to leave him there until the daughter went to bed.