Tuesday, December 14, 2010

These days

These days Kylie is infatuated with pouring water. Pouring water from a large container to a smaller one is one of the practical life exercises in her Montessori school. And now, that practice is in our house. I've been trying to steer Kylie into letting me set the scene for her pouring experiments. Kylie prefers clandestine tea parties instead. She'll get quiet for a bit and I'll go to find her. She's amazingly fast in her water experiments.

She will have gotten water either from the water jug in the kitchen or her bathroom sink or she'll drink and spit the water from her sippy cup. She's inventive! She will have her pretend teapot and teacups with water in them. She also sneaks a towel from her bathroom or linen closet to clean up the inevitable spills. Its just water but it's disconcerting to step into mysterious puddle in the house. And the cats just hate it. I keep encouraging her to let me set it up for her but she prefers to do it on the sly.

Yesterday, after finding two puddles, I put her to work scrubbing potatoes. She loves to do this! Afterwards, she washed and de-stemmed bunches of grapes.

  • These days, Kylie enjoys playing with her megablocks legos.

    As she made this scene, she sang her own made up song, "Make a room, make a house, make a city".

  • These days, Kylie's favorite iPhone app is The Talking Dinosaur. This app records your voice and plays it back to you with funny effects. Kylie likes the talking hippo, bird, and Santa too. She particularly likes it when we hug and kiss and roughhouse a bit before school. She likes to hear our sounds played back through the dinosaur. Many times before we leave, she'll say, "It's a talking dinosaur morning" which means she wants me to hug, kiss and tickle her while the app plays.

  • These days, Momma Karen has been working out and getting some great exercise in the very early morning at her gym. She gets home, showers and is off to work. But Kylie gets to see her Momma for just a bit which delights her. Of course, we get to have the hang-on-the-leg-don't-go moment but it is very sweet.

  • These days, Kylie talks more about her birthday than Christmas. She has an elaborate birthday scenario that she likes to share with us. Try as we might, we can't get her as jazzed about Christmas as she is about her birthday.

  • These days, her artwork looks like this. She draws herself and then me, Momma Karen, our two cats, her friend Lily and Lily's dog.

    These days Kylie can get quite intense and adamant both in her actions and her communication. Her intensity and stubbornness can get trying for me sometimes but every day I'm grateful for my darling girl.





    Louise said...

    As always, everyone seems to happy! I teach science to 16-18 year olds and they never tire of the water experiments! Colors and sparkles (i.e. chemical reactions and crystals) make them even better! You probably have many years of them ahead of you.

    I bet Christmas will be different in Florida as opposed to Oregon or Virginia (I think that's where you were!). It is absolutely pouring with rain up here in the Pacific Northwest...with no end in sight!

    My thoughts continue to be with your family. Hope things are, at the very least, getting sorted out. Its always easier to solve a puzzle when you can look at the box and know what you are making. Hang in there.

    Stacey said...

    Love the update. Love the leg grabbing pic--so cute.

    Riley loves pouring water constantly too!!! Drives me insane.