Thursday, January 06, 2011

365 project for 2010

For two years, I've taken a picture a day. In 2010, I only missed four days, for a total of 361 days documented. You can see the entire stream here. While I found this to be an extremely worthwhile project- I know my Nikon far more than I did two years ago- I don't have the itch to take a photo a day for 2011. But don't worry, I still plan on picking up the camera a LOT. You'll still have tons of daily pictures of Kylie.

Here are a few pictures I posted to Flickr tonight, finishing up the year.




Alayna said...

Great photos! I especially love the family photo at the end. And, also just wanted to say how inspired I am by your last post. Makes me want to train for something big, too!

Soupy said...

Love love love these. The 2nd one, Kylie in Karen's lap - hit me in the heart. Wowza, you take amazing pics.

Ethan's Mom said...

Beautiful photographs. I especially love the second one with Karen and Kylie sitting in the wicker chair. You have such a gift, Wendy. I look forward to seeing all of the picturesque gems that you have to share with us throughout the year.