Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting along

I knew last Thursday when I blogged about the bike wreck that I was hurt. I wasn't aware of how really injured I was. My elbow and knee had horrible swelling and bruising. So much so that on Thursday afternoon, I was back at the doctor's office asking for painkillers. They gave me a prescription of something that I thought was too strong. I didn't end up taking anything more than Tylenol and Advil. But I had to take those every three hours. I put ice packs on the injured areas frequently and mostly sat around looking pained for four miserable days.

After those four days, I felt like I could finally begin exercising again. I'm still astonished at how hurt I was. I thought I was just scraped up but the ugly scabs were the least of it all. I'm still healing and dealing with the after effects.

Kylie was incredibly sweet during the five-day ordeal. She was loving and tender with me. She took great care to not bump me too hard. She sympathized about my tetanus shots. She gave me several of her own special doctor's appointments.

She's doing really well at her Summer School. She gets to make lots of art, like this mask, which she enjoys. And she particularly likes her Soccer Shots class on Thursdays and Water Days on Fridays where she gets to play with sprinklers and slip-n-slides.

Her new favorite way to play at home is to take her Barbies, Little Ponies and Little Pet Shop toys and gather them in blankets. She wraps the blankets up and presents us with her presents.

Kylie is trying so hard to learn to skip. She's got the knee-up and hop-up on one leg but can't quite master the other leg. She also loves to hop around on one foot and count how many times she can do it. This kiddo makes me laugh every day.


Teaberry said...

Ouch... I'm glad you're on the mend and that you have a great nurse like Kylie. She seems to have the perfect bedside manner.

kiles1670 said...

I was only thinking yesterday about how you must be hurting.
I do hope you heal quickly, you are so lucky to have Kylie helping. She is such a beautiful little girl