Thursday, June 16, 2011

What a cold!

I think the cold Kylie has had for the past four days is the worst she's ever had.

Usually when the kiddo is sick, she keeps playing and talking a mile a minute. For this cold, she just lay on the couch with a miserable look on her face. She took two naps a day. She hardly talked and she easily burst into tears.

She also let me cuddle and pet her way more than usual. I'm the type that just has to hug, pet and stroke. When Kylie is feeling great, she endures a quick pat and kiss and then she's on to other things. There were many times over the past few days where she wanted to sit in my lap or Momma Karen's lap and have us rock her for over an hour. She was so miserable with ear infections in both her ears, that she whimpered as we rocked her well past 10pm. I think we've read every book on her bookshelf and she's wanted to be right in my lap with her head against my chest as I read to her. She's let me cradle her hand in mine, let me stroke her forehead and back. It's been sweet but I wanted so much for her to feel better.

I had booked her well-baby pediatrician's visit last week for this past Tuesday. I was thrilled I already had an appointment because I was really worried about Kylie's health and all the lethargy.

Even sick as a dog, she was a trooper in the doctor's office. She passed her vision and hearing tests. I learned she's in the 50th percentile for height and weight. She had a good blood pressure and no fever.

Soooooo... they decided to go ahead and give her the three shots she was due. Yeesh! Those needles looked huge to me. Kylie braced the bunny her Aunt Amy gave her on her first birthday against her chest and held onto my hands. She didn't kick but she did scream and cry as she got two shots in her right arm and one in her left. So now she had a head cold, infected ears, and arms so sore she couldn't lift them. My poor sweet baby. Tuesday was a very long, hard day for all of us but especially for Kylie.

Then late yesterday afternoon, it was like a switch went off. She wanted to play! She started singing again. I didn't realize just how much I missed her sweet singing voice until she started singing again.

She's still recovering from everything but she's back to going 100 miles a minute. Thank goodness.

Here's a picture of the Band-Aid beauty


Louise said...

She certainly looks a happy camper now! Sounds like Dr. Moms was just what she needed!

Stacey said...

Poor kid. Glad she's feeling better. I'm surprised they did the shots and 3? We don't have shots at 4 here and the most they do at a time is 2. It's interesting how countries differ.

Caroline said...

Poor Kylie. Glad to hear she is feeling better.

Kerry Lynn said...

Ugh, I haven't posted about our horrible colds and the FOUR shots EACH I had to hold my kids down for. At least the colds and shots didn't happen on the same day. The day of the shots was an absolute nightmare for me. We were literally all sobbing.