Friday, September 02, 2011


Here's a picture of Kylie and I waiting in the drop-off line. Kylie has been so forthcoming in sharing about her school day. Here are some notes I made for each day. She's so happy to be back at her Montessori school.

Kylie experienced the scent bottles; mint was her favorite.
Played with the screwdriver table.
Did some sort of bubble exercise.

Kylie liked the book "Recess Queen" by O'Neil and Huliska-Beith that the teacher read aloud.
Kylie worked at the art center- poking and coloring.
During playground time, she played in the sandbox.
After lunch she is responsible for cleaning her area of her table with a sponge. When she leaves the table, she always pushes her chair back under the table.

She saw her neighbor/friend Lily during the fire drill. (Lily is in 2nd grade).
She decided to eat the school snack today which was blueberries, wheat thins and pretzels.
She ate lunch with her 2nd favorite boy, Matthew. (Ian is her favorite boy).
She got to play with Emma during 1st playground time. They played Tag and Fairies.

She stayed at the art center; mostly doing cutting exercises.
The teacher read Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears in English and Spanish.
And here is a video of the Spanish song she learned to sing.
Como te llamas tu? or What's your name?

We are excited that my mom is coming to visit for a few days. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. Here's one last picture of the kiddo!


Stacey said...

Sounds like she's having a great time. I love the picture of her in the backseat--you can tell she's excited to get going.

Beth said...

kylie is cuter than ever! i usually read blogger on my phone so i can't post comments - but i still read your wonderful blog! you all look so happy in florida! we still miss you in noVA, though. :)