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Triathlete- August 2011

Hi folks! It's time for another triathlete post.

The big news this month was the two IKKOS swim training sessions that rocked my world. Let me explain. For months my swim coach has been demonstrating the swimmer's "high elbow catch" to me. I would understand what he was saying but I couldn't really do it in the water. But then I got to watch a perfect high elbow catch in super slow motion through completely cool video goggles as part of the IKKOS training system. As I watched it over and over, I was basically training by brain on what to do. Then I got in the pool and did it. I was blown away at how quickly I improved. My coaches took an underwater video of my swimming before the IKKOS training and then after. And basically, it looked similar to this.

It was pretty trippy to see myself in the underwater video. I didn't look as sloppy and out of control as I thought I would. As my coach ran the tape forward and back, we talked about how I improved and other areas of improvement. The best part is that I did the first IKKOS training on August 11th and I've been able to maintain the better stroke all month. It really is revolutionary training and I'm blessed that I was able to do it. Poor Karen has heard me raving about how awesome it was all month. Especially after I had my second session on the freestyle kick on August 24. Karen really is a saint putting up with me talking excitedly for hours on end about swimming, biking and running.

9 practice sessions with my coach (2 of those IKKOS) and 2 practices on my own. The other huge win on swimming this month is that I went from swimming a maximum of 100 yards freestyle (4 laps of the pool) to swimming 450. On August 30th my coach leaned down to me in the pool and said, "I know you can do this. Just don't freak out and keep swimming." And I did it, I swam those 18 laps (1/4 mile) in 10:56:45. And as I drove home, I cried big ole buckets of proud tears.

It truly was a dream come true.

For my next practice, my coach took my total yards from around 850 to 1250. He smiled and said, "You are ready to take it to a new level." I left that practice shaky and winded but so happy.

So the swim has been the big winner of the month. Here's my other training.

24.68 miles in 1:39 14.9 average mph/ 18.1 max
15.25 miles in 1:04. 14.2 average mph/ 17.0 max
11.12 miles in 45:48. 14.5 average mph/ 17.3 max
24.21 miles in 1:41. 14.2 average mph/ 16.9 max
10.36 miles in 44:41. 13.9 average mph/ 17.7 max
4 Spin classes

Tempo Run
5 miles in 45:52. 9:10 pace
5 miles in 43:30. 8:42 pace
5 miles in 45:41. 8:42 pace
5 miles. Stopwatch ran out of batteries.

Long Run
13 miles in 2:10. 10:00 pace
13 miles in 2:05. 9:39 pace
12 miles in 1:56. 9:40 pace
10 miles in 1:37. 9:42 pace

Strength train
I'm enjoying my strength training classes at Atlantic Beach Performance. I love the variety, the class atmosphere and the music. I got in 5 classes for the month and one additional strength training session on my own at my regular gym.

The last time I posted about my weight was on June 2nd in the May triathlete summary. How did you guys let me get away with that? I was 116 in May. I'm pretty sure I was 117 in July and now I'm at 118. So two pounds have crept back on. I would love to say that the 118 is more muscle than fat but the truth is I just don't know if that's true. I'm back to tracking my meals and exercise in LoseIt. I don't have a goal of getting back to 116. I just want to sharpen up on what I'm eating and burning and try to make my calories the most nutritious I can.

Overall I worked out 23 days and had 8 days off.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to comment. Comment mean the world to me.

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Cheryl said...

You seem very dedicated to your health and working out. What do you use for your motivation because I need some...motivation that is :)


Beth said...

You are such an inpsiration!!!