Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Karen picked Kylie up from preschool today. When Kylie got into our car she said, "Momma, my feet hurt." When they got home, Kylie took off her shoes. Inside each shoe was 6 acorns.

12 acorns in her shoes!

Karen said, "Honey, why do you have acorns in your shoes?"

Kylie said, "Because I wanted to keep them!" "And," she added proudly, "I told the other kids to put some in their shoes too."

Our nature-loving girl is leading an acorn shoe revolt.

You crack me up kiddo.


Shannon said...

My wife and I just had a great laugh about this story. Awesome!

Michaela said...

loooooooooooooooool, this cracks me up

Cara said...

Hilarious! While camping this summer, my daughter tried smuggling rocks in her underpants and it hurt when I buckled her in her carseat.

Unknown said...

lol! that's hilarious.