Friday, October 07, 2011

Project Life week 5

Project Life week 5. The first page has a date card from the kit in the upper left corner. There are two journal cards (made in Photoshop and printed as a photo) that have some of the interesting things Kylie said for the week, a few small pictures of her, and some artwork where she traced her hand.

Page 2 has a map of Pittsburg (downloaded from the internet) along with some journaling about the dates Karen was there. On the right is some journaling about how much I appreciate FaceTime and texts from Karen when she is traveling. The days at the top of the journaling card are from this overlay pack. Then there are some sweet and goofy photos that Karen and I sent to one another. I purchased some Life Is Good shirts and included some of the tags along with a little sticker they sent to me. I also included some tags from our Build-a-Bear visit.

I loved these photos of Kylie blowing bubbles. The three photos are in 6x12 Photo Protector that holds 6 horizontal photos.

On the back of the smaller page protector, I put three photos about the fact that I started marathon training this week. I love the Life is an Adventure title.

Project Life, week 5, page 5
I made an 8x10 scrapbook page documenting the Build-a-Bear heart ceremony. It's held in place with a standard letter-sized page protector. On the back, I put the birth certificate that came with Kylie's bear.


Karen sent Kylie a card from Pittsburg. I put it and the envelope in another 8.5x11 page protector.

I loved the detail Kylie took in coloring in this worksheet from aftercare.

Globe picture. Kylie put together a puzzle at school that looked like this and then colored this worksheet to show her finished work. I journaled about this a bit in the "Things Kylie says" card.

Project Life, week 5, page 9
I usually only put two pieces of Kylie's artwork in the notebook for each week. But I loved these next two pieces and had to include them. Kylie made this drawing using a template for the first time.

Project Life, week 5, page 10
And this is one of the best handprint pictures we've ever made.

A lot of pages to represent this week! So far, I'm loving this project.

FYI- Project Life kits are now available for sale.

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