Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The smuggler and the cop

Kylie LOVES empty toilet paper rolls for her crafts. She colors them with markers or crayons. She puts stickers on them. She glues feathers and faces and makes birds out of them. They are binoculars and telescopes. They are a source of science experiments (what will fit down this tube?). She uses them as mail carriers and secret vaults for her drawings.

And trust me, I'm grateful that she enjoys this "free" craft supply.

Right now, we have 6 empty toilet paper rolls sitting on the shelf next to her crayons. We have 4 more empty rolls under the vanity in Kylie's bathroom.

I think ten rolls are enough.

Kylie doesn't think so.

The little stinker is tall enough to peer into our cardboard recycle bin in the garage. If she spots a toilet paper rolls, she grabs it and shakes it vehemently and says (in a very parental voice), "What is this doing in here?!"

The discussion surrounding the toilet paper rolls always ends in Kylie being pissed off and/or tearful and me ending the very reasonable discussion (which got me nowhere) by saying "Because I said so!"

Good times.

So, I've started smuggling the little things. I flatten them and put them inside flattened cracker and cereal boxes. I bury them at the bottom of the recycle bin. I hoard them and run them to the recycle bin the moment before the garbage people come.

My mom always says, "You've got to pick your battles". I really don't like arguing with Kylie over toilet paper rolls.

So I'm the smuggler. And kiddo is the cop.

Kids...one heck of an adventure.

Here are some recent park pictures.



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