Monday, May 14, 2012

Project Life Week 17

Project Life Week 17, page 1

On Sunday, we made our froggy cupcakes. They don't look much like the ones in the cookbook but I have to admit they have some ugly charm. For me, the best part of making them was watching the sweet tea and cupcake party Kylie had with her doll.

Ladybug release- Earth day Saturday was Kylie's school Earth Day celebration. Kylie made a crafty fish, a necklace and a potted plant while hanging out with her school buddies in the school's soccer field. Her favorite part was the ladybug release. She would catch a ladybug and then take it to the nearby flower garden. Last year her school did the same for the ladybugs and Kylie didn't want any part of it. This year, she enjoyed helping the ladybugs to their new home.

Planted: I planted pink vinca flowers in the front yard flower bed along the sidewalk. And I added fresh mulch to the beds. The front yards looks so much better.

Adventure journaling: Kylie was sent home from school with a note on Monday detailing how she had bitten one of her friends. It was unprovoked and it completely shocked me and Karen. Kylie cried her eyes out as we had a very serious talk with her and provided her first real punishment of no tv or phone games for the rest of the Monday and all of Tuesday. Then, on Friday, we learned from her teacher that she had snuck candy into her lunch box and was handing it out under the table to her friends. Again we had to punish Kylie with taking away all her candy and not letting her have dessert on Friday or Saturday. Seems like turning five has pushed some button in Kylie that is making her test all of her boundaries. Our parents reassure us that this is just what kids do but honestly, it has had our heads spinning.

  Project Life Week 17, page 2

Journaling: Jumping for joy over our new bird feeder.

This week we added the following birds to Kylie's bird life list: Eastern Bluebird, Blue Jay, Blue Grosbeak, Cowbirds and Pileated Woodpecker.

This week Kylie tried three new works at school: 1) Four letter word building box with words like flag, sled, clip, stamp and clock. 2) Earth's continents puzzle and 3) the triangle box. Way to go Kylie!

Some of the work Kylie has brought home from school. Project Life Week 17, insert1

Project Life Week 17, insert2

Project Life Week 17, insert3

Project Life Week 17, insert4

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wienerhoneymooners said...

Your pages are so bright and SUNNY. I am inspired to add yellows and oranges and dress my pages up. Thanks for such beautiful creativity to inspire us all!