Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project Life Week 21

Project Life Week 21, page 1

Who knew a tent in the toy room would yeild so much fun?! Kylie has played in it constantly this week. She’s had puppet shows in the tent window and twice I’ve caught her asleep in the tent in morning. Such fun!

I knit Mom a poncho using Rosa’s Caponcho knit pattern and Classic Elite Yarns Ariosa. It was a lovely yarn to work with but not a very flattering pattern. I finished the poncho and stared at it a few days but I just wasn’t happy with the finished product. So I ripped it back to yarn. I scoured the internet and found a different pattern. I’m still determined to knit Mom a poncho for Christmas.

We are grateful the protected sea turtle nests have returned to our beaches.

I wrenched my left shoulder Sunday night playing "You can't tickle me-Yes I will tickle you" with Kylie. I was on my knees with my arms far behind me so when I started to fall, I couldn't catch myself and landed hard on my left shoulder, shoving it backwards. Ouch. I was grateful that I hadn’t dislocated it. I iced it Sunday night and Monday. By Tuesday, it was better.

Karen brought Kylie this wind-up frog & alligator when she returned from Texas. Kylie has played with them in her sink all week.

Kylie made this frame in aftercare. It is an acrylic frame decorated with buttons. It has a picture of Kylie holding a small seafan made of colored beans and seeds which she also made in aftercare. The back has her handprint. It was a sweet gift from her aftercare teachers Ms Diane & Ms Flavia.

Project Life Week 21, page 2

I saw these statues on one of my long runs. My usual route was diverted because of road construction. I knew as soon as I saw them that I wanted to show them to Kylie and have our picture made with them.

So that's it for another week!
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Ronnie said...

I love that first page - it is truly beautiful. Gorgeous colour palette, and I love how you've kept it looking clean and uncluttered though still with so many lovely details.
Happy to have found you via The Mom Creative!
Ronnie xo

Katie said...

Your pages are always so lovely, I love coming each week to see them!