Monday, September 10, 2012

Project Life Week 36

Well, I got food poisoning from evil lettuce wraps on Saturday night. By Sunday afternoon I felt human again but only wanted to sit in front of the tv or the computer. So, I worked on my Project Life pages and ate only crackers and soup. Fortunately, I'm feeling much better tonight. As usual, click on the photo to view the credits.

Project Life Week 36 page 1

I just love that bottom left photo that I downloaded from the school's webiste. Kylie gets to spend some of her kindergarten time in the school’s garden. This week, Kylie got to plant some spinach and squash seeds. Her teacher drew a line on her finger to show her how deeply to plant the seeds. Ms. Elizabeth took this picture of Ms. Kirby and some of the kids. I love how Kylie is proudly showing her marked finger. I’m so pleased that gardening is part of Kylie’s school curriculum.

The bottom right photo shows where I created a Shelfari account for Kylie so that I can track the books she reads.

Project Life Week 36 page 2.jpg

Kylie has started climbing the small trees in our backyard. Our girl has always been such a tree lover.

I love this birdhouse Karen and Kylie made together. Every side is painted a different color. It’s hanging proudly on the tree with the feeder.

Reading aloud to Kylie: Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren and Judy Moody, Book 1 by Megan McDonald.

People are constantly giving Kylie things. We were eating at Chipolte and this woman gave Kylie these fun glasses.

I took a few photos of Kylie in her uniform for PE Wednesdays.

I’ve registered for the Disney Marathon January 13, 2013. I I love the new medal they’ve revealed for the 20th anniversary of the marathon.

That's it for another week. Thanks for looking! Click on the photos to view the credits. If you want to see other Project Life Projects, see
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Alayna said...

Oh no, so sorry to hear about your food poisoning! Glad you are feeling better!

sarah said...

love these pages! tfs.


tomboyPrincess said...

your scrapbooks are oh so lovely and im inspired that you're blogging about your parenthood life. we just recently launched a childrens book about 2 mom parenting. i come from the philippines where lesbian relationships, domestic or not, are not easily tolerated so i feel like its something big. it inspired me to do a blog cause i want to have a filipina lesbian voice out there.