Friday, January 04, 2013

Funny faces and family portraits

As a Christmas present for our families, we decided to have some pictures made. Kylie's teacher is an amateur photographer who is learning and trying to build her portfolio. She came out to the house and took some shots.

There were several family photos that we liked. And there were some photos that cracked us up.

Like this face:

And this one:

There were sweet photos too.

The whole set can be seen on Flickr here.

At some point, I'll update our blog header with some of these photos. But it is going to be hard to pick which ones to use. Feel free to vote on your favorites.

Happy New Year everyone!


Tammom said...

Great pix - what memories ya'll will have as your family continues to go toward the future! Love definitely lives within each of you - individually and as a family unit.

Nada said...

They are just gorgeous shots. What great photos to have. My favourite is of the one you have on your blog with the three of you on the beach hugging- so precious. x

Stacey said...

beautiful pics