Thursday, February 21, 2013

Project Life Pages

Here's some catch up on my Project Life Pages.

Some weeks I enjoy printing just my Instagram photos and adding a note explaining a bit about the photos. I love Instagram! I'm WENDYM888 if you want to follow me.
Project Life Week 5 page 1.jpg

Project Life Week 5 page 2.jpg

For Week 6, I photographed our letterboxing trip.
Project Life Week 6 page 1.jpg
Sunday Feb 3, we went to the Ribault Monument at the Fort Caroline National Park to find “The Wizard” letterbox stamp. Kylie found the stamp near a large tree on the side of the parking lot. Inside the letterbox, there was beautiful hand-carved stamp of a wizard along with a guestbook. After we stamped our book, we walked the few steps to the Monument which is the spot where Ribault claimed Florida for France in 1552. There was a view of St. John’s River and some lovely climbing trees. It was a short and successful letterbox trip!

Project Life Week 6 page 2.jpg
Week 6 page 2 had notes on Spring Cleaning, our yard sale, Kylie's iPod and her sleep patterns. The journaling reads:

As part of my early Spring cleaning and in order to get ready for Kylie’s yard sale, I went through everything in the Florida room. And then I decided to flip-flop the chair area and the low bookcase. It’s nice to have a change in there. And even better to weed out the old toys.

There were two pre-k teachers ready to pounce on our yard sale before it officially opened. They took the majority of the board books and toddler DVD’s. Our neighbor’s daughter, Sammie, was also a good customer and a great friend to Kylie all day. Sammie and Kylie kept one another occupied during the sale. We made sure Kylie thanked all of her customers. And we took the unsold items to Goodwill. We ended up making $70! It was far more than we anticipated.

We ran an ad in the local paper, “The Beaches Leader” for the yard sale. The cost of the ad was $13. Well worth it!

I loaded some songs and albums onto Kylie’s iPod. We put a mini speaker in the Florida room to play her songs. Kylie was thrilled to have her “own music” like some of her older friends have. And she danced with happiness the day we set it all up.

Kylie slept in all this week! Normally, she is awake at 6am but her body clock must have shifted. I actually had to wake her up at 7:00 a couple of mornings. I have to say I had some avenging parental glee at waking her up. Maybe after 5 ½ years of her waking me up the tides are turning.

Project Life Week 7 page 1.jpg
For Project Life Week 7- I showcased Kylie and her bead loom and included some notes about my doctor's appointment and Karen's travel. Journaling reads:

Karen was in Denver Colorado February 10 – 14.

Monday 2/11 I saw the doctor at Florida Sports Medicine Institute. He diagnosed my injury as a grade 2 adductor strain. He prescribed physical therapy three times a week for four weeks at a rehab center at the beach. My first appointment is Monday 2/18. The doctor believes it will be 3-4 weeks before I can run again.

Kylie got a bookmark at her school’s PE class. The girls beat the boys at their activities and the girls got bookmarks.

Kylie’s school celebrated Chinese New Year. As a special snack, the class had egg rolls. When Kylie came home she told me, “I tried one of the egg rolls and I really didn’t like it. I wanted to be polite so I went to the bathroom and spit it out in the garbage there.” Good story Kylie!

Kylie learned the art of working a bead loom this week. She was so proud of her first bead decoration that she asked to take it to school. I sent a note to her teachers asking permission.

Project Life Week 7 page 2.jpg
Week 7 page 2 was about Valentine's Day, Kylie playing at the park and her latest Kiwi Crate. Journaling reads:

Kylie traversed the entire tire loop at Jack Russell Park for the first time. Some of those tires are really tilted making it challenging. She was so proud of herself. And I captured her triumphant finish on video. Way to go Kylie!

Kylie signed the back of all of her valentines and taped a colorful pencil onto each card. At school, she got to decorate her valentine bag and the children passed out their cards by putting them into the bags. At home, we gave Kylie days-of-the-week socks, a secret diary with a lock, and a mood-changing necklace along with some stickers and a ring pop.

Play date at the park on Friday with kindergarten friend Carolyn- no school.

With this month’s Kiwi Craft Crate, we made yarn pompon animals and a cardboard swing and slide.


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