Monday, March 18, 2013

Lesson Showcase


Last Monday night was Kylie’s lesson showcase at school. I thought I would share some photos. Kylie presented three lessons to us: the bead star which teaches about counting, sight words and tying bows. Although we are proud of all of Kylie’s accomplishments, we weren’t particularly impressed with this showcase. It seems to us that Kylie has outgrown this environment. Perhaps we are simply excited for her to attend Bolles next year which will be a more structured private school.

The Bead Star which teaches about counting.

Word building at school.



Attending her last Montessori showcase did make me nostalgic for previous years. It's hard to believe that she's been in that same classroom for three years now. Check out some previous showcase photos and look at how much our girl has grown!

March 2012

February 2011

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