Thursday, March 28, 2013

Project Life Weeks 11 & 12

You can see my whole 2013 set of Project Life pages (including the weeks I haven't posted on the blog) by clicking here. To view the credits of items I've used, click on the picture.

Project Life Week 12 page 1

Kylie got her first stripe- a blue stripe- on her white belt on Monday March 18th. She got it for knowing her first round of punch combinations.

We needed a new birdfeeder solution when the raccoons learned to open the top of the feeders and scoop out all the birdseed. Karen indulged me with this new birdpost with baffle for our two feeders and it is working beautifully! I can still see the birds as I’m working in the kitchen which simply delights me.

Kylie has learned to swing high!

Karen taught her new SQL Exadata Performance Optimization class from home last week. It was a change to our schedule to have her on the phone and computer until 5:00 each day but we made it work. I took Kylie to the park or to karate class so that Karen could teach in a quiet environment. And it was so much nicer to have her at home with us rather than her teaching in some city away from us.

Blues guitarist Fruteland Jackson entertained Discovery students with music and a little history of the blues.

Project Life Week 12 page 2

Easter Egg hunt at Kylie’s school on Friday. She proudly showed us her “non-candy” loot.

Kylie has started reading the “Rainbow Fairy” book series. Since March 1st, she has read six of them:
Pearl the Cloud Fairy
Bella the Bunny Fairy
Melodie the Music Fairy
Zoe the Skating Fairy
Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy

On Friday, after the egg hunt and lunch, the children had a wonderful afternoon spent in the garden. As you can see in the above photo, Kylie has no problem getting dirty. Neither does her teacher Ms. Kirby nor her friends Carly (left) and Carolyn (right).

Kylie had her first choir performance on Sunday March 24th. Karen and I both attended the 11:00 service to watch her perform. Kylie sang “Come Enjoy God’s Festive Springtime” by Telemann. She did a great job! Afterwards, she enjoyed the children’s portion of the Palm Sunday service.

Project Life Week 11 page 1

Project Life Week 11 page 2

Remember this: Kylie learned to make God's Eyes this week.

With a little help from her "lefty" mom, Kylie learned how to tie bows on shoes. We bough her this pair of size 12 shoes.

Love this story: I want to ride the dolphin because I'm going to be a marine biologist when I grow up.

School was out on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday we went to the zoo. And we started our Friday with watching this lovely IMAX 3D movie "Under the Sea". After lunch on Friday, we had a playdate with Carolyn at the park.

Rainbow cookies--we took sugar cookie dough, colored it with food coloring and rolled out some large rainbow cookies. We gave some cookies to Kylie's teachers.

Thanks for looking! Click on the photos to view the credits. If you want to see other Project Life Projects, see
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