Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No energy

Today is one of those days where I'm just dragging about with no energy.

And it is so very tempting to reach for some carbs (in the form of chips, or bread, or cookies)to just get an extra boost.

I really need to be writing thank-you notes for our shower gifts but have absolutely no desire to do so.

I had my regular check up at the doctor's office yesterday. Everything looks great. My blood pressure is good at 102/64 and the baby is measuring at 33cm- right where she should for 33 weeks. She's still head down and will probably stay in this position until she is born.

Karen helped me run some errands today. She carried my books for me at the library. She carried Phoebe, the cat, into the vet's office for me for Phoebe's annual exam. She's incredibly sweet to drive me about and fetch and tote stuff. But the independent girl that I am wishes on some days that I could take care of these things on my own.

And dang it all... even knitting is getting difficult. I've been having some tendonitis around my thumbs which is getting worse. It doesn't actually hurt to knit. But a few minutes after I've finished knitting, my thumb joints want to lock up and burn.

Sorry to be so boring and whiny today.

I'll leave you with this interesting note. I dreamed last night that Kylie had grown up and become a chemist. She created a system to filter water through different chemicals to purify it. She could take the nastiest water (even nuclear waste water) and clean it without any residual affects. I have no idea what this dream might mean but it was cool to see her as a grown, passionate, incredibly intelligent woman.



Lynanne said...

You aren't boring and you are far from whiny. Anyone who's been pregnant knows that you are just at that point where your energy reserves are in short supply. Your body betrays you - there is so much more you want to do, if only...! (do I sound like I can relate to a little of what you're going through?) Two words - third trimester. The good news is you'll have good days with spurts of energy along with the not-so-fun ones.

I think it's absolutely wonderful that Karen is so willing to help out. She's a keeper, that's for sure!

I loved your dream about Kylie! So detailed even! I think your dream means exactly what you said- she will grow to be a passionate, incredibly intelligent woman. With two wonderful moms how could the outcome be any different?

Dee said...

You're not boring! You're in your final weeks of pregnancy! It takes a lot out of you, at least that's what Shelly tells me.

How fun to have a dream of Kylie! I actually dreamt last night that Riley looked just like me as a baby. So first thing this morning I was digging out baby pictures to show Shelly what our little girl will look like.

Seems as if things are going well, beside being tired. You're getting close. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

It all comes with the territory I think. Its definitly a roller coaster when it comes to energy levels. I know its frustrating though, I feel that way too. Sometimes I just give in to it though; I just sit on the couch and give myself the time to relax - our bodies are making us feel this way for a reason!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Nice of that person to give you that info!!!!

Seriously, don't worry about it dear, it's okay to feel a little needy and need to be taken care of right now, you'll have plenty of work to do later.

I envy that you have Wendy, I wish I had a Wendy when I was pregnant with my girls, but no, just a really dumb, non-helpful man who wouldn't even help me move furniture, let alone run errands with me! (Okay, I probably need more therapy to get over that...)

Love you, know that we're here for you if you need anything!

Wendy and Karen said...

Just so RSG's comment referring to IBS isn't left hanging, I'll just say that the lovely spam comment on that topic has been deleted.

By the way, how do comments like that get on here anyway?!?! I guess short of turning on comment moderation, spammers can get you. Yuck...

- Karen

Mo said...

Yay for girl chemists! Cool dream. (and I had many a low low energy day while pg. You are doing great just to get through the day. Not too many more, right?)