Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Week

Kylie's bilirubin test is down to 11.5 so she is off the wallaby. Hurray! Here's Kylie striking a Halleluja pose.

She has to go back to the hospital for one more blood draw tomorrow to assure that she isn't going to rebound. But then we should be doctor-free until her two-week appointment next Monday.

I was able to put some clothes on the sweet girl and bring her out of the nursery. I'm so excited to have her untethered that I'm just walking around the house holding her. Hmmm... do we want to go to the office, or the bedroom, or the tv room?

I don't know if you remember this post but last night as I saw my shadow in profile, I had my heart jump up into my throat. "My baby is here", I thought. She's not in my body anymore!"

And the tears came spilling out. I rushed to the nursery. I just had to hold Kylie and look at her and kiss her and assure myself that she is safe living outside of me. The whole shaky, hormonal, crying episode only lasted two minutes but it was an incredible rush of emotions.

Today I'm filled with such joy, relief and gratitude. I swear there is a special place in heaven for those people who bring food to your house when you are first home with your newborn. Our good friends, Jeff & Heather, have brought us three delicious dinners with outstanding deserts and have made grocery store runs for us. Our friend Catherine brought us some additional groceries. And our friends Jozette and Michele have brought us dinner for tonight.

If you are one of our blogger friends who are waiting for yourr baby to be born, I really recommend that you let people help you and bring you food once your child arrives. It's a real godsend.

Here's a few more pictures for you. And if you click here you can see a few more


Stacey said...

Yay! What great news! Little Kylie is doing so well! :)

The pictures are adorable!!! She is so tiny!!!

It is surreal to think that she was in your body not that long ago. Crazy.

I love friends who bring you dinner! That was really great for us. :)

Kathryn said...

I will bring you something for Friday. Hopefully you'll get by until then! I can't wait to see you and her!

Holly said...

She is SOOO precious, I just love the halleluja pose.
I know a lot of the emotions right now are hormonal. But Andrew is almost 3 months old and I still can't believe he's really here and not in Loey's belly anymore. It's quite an amazing thing!

Dee said...

Beautiful pics! What an amazing emotion to really see yourself now without your baby in your belly. Pretty profound.

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Yippee!!! No more being held hostage in the nursery. :) Enjoy the new found freedom and endlessly staring at the closet to figure out what to dress Kylie in. I still do that with Ethan.

It is our pleasure and honor to bring you meals and to help in any way we can. You helped us time and time again during my pregnancy, birth, and various surgeries...I hope this will help make up for just a little of all of your kindness. We love the three of you more than you know!

hotomiky said...

So beautiful. It made me drop a few tears.

Glad she's doing very good! So adorable!

Thanks for sharing.

MaMaMia said...

Yeah for Kylie!

Enjoy every minute(it looks like you are!). It goes by too fast.

Caroline said...

The three of you look like the perfect family. I can't say enough how beautiful and perfect Kylie is.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is just beautiful. I am loving all the photos.

Melissa said...

You 3 look so content. She's amazing!

*G* said...

She's such a cutie - and so much hair! Glad things are going well and that she's off the wallaby!

Monogram Queen said...

She is just beautiful, ladies! Makes me kinda long for the days when my little one was small :)
Congratulations!!! I wish you the best