Saturday, April 21, 2007

Short update

All is well...we're just getting used to our new routine (or lack of one!). Kylie has been a bit jaundiced and we've had to have her on a light blanket but as of today, her blood work shows she's on the mend and should be fine in a day or two. Wendy's milk is coming in and we're excited about that (so is Kylie!). I know we owe you a lot more details and they'll be forthcoming (we promise) but I thought I'd give you a few shots of our sweetie to hold you over.

This is our OB with Wendy and Kylie the day after her birth.

And all these are Kylie in all her glory! I could stare at her for hours (and do)!

More to come!

- Karen


Jeff Eberlin said...

She just gets prettier by the day and looks beautiful in every color! I am so thrilled that her bili is decreasing...Great job Mommas!
Much Love,
Ethan's Momma

Anonymous said...

OhMyGosh! She is beautiful! One of my babies was 3 weeks early and had jaundice too. The blood tests she had to have every day for a week about killed me! Your girlie is perfect and I'd stare at her for hours too! The pictures are stunning. Thank you for sharing them.

Dee said...

OMG! She's so precious!!!!!!!!

SJayneI said...

She is a real cutie! Congratulations again!

Alayna said...

She's gorgeous! Congratulations on your beautiful girl.

Mo said...

Sweet sweet pictures!!!

wenders said...

She is gorgeous - not that you need ME to tell you that! :) Thank you both for continuing to share your story with the internet!

Stacey said...

She's sooo tiny and precious! :) Keep the pictures coming!

Wow, her jaundice was pretty strong then? Glad it's gotten better. :) She looks great!