Thursday, April 12, 2007


Thanks to everyone for all of your wonderful comments on our pregnancy photos. Wow!

It was particularly nice to read the comments as they came in because yesterday I felt very crampy and achy and yucky. I was convinced that I was in the early stages of labor. All day yesterday I thought to myself, "Okay...when you go to the doctor on Friday, she's going to tell you that you are a wee bit dilated/effaced. That's what you are feeling".

But today, the crampy feeling has gone away and I'm just sore and tired like I just ran a 10K. I wouldn't be surprised if the doctor told me there was no dilation/effacement and that the baby is gaining weight and what I feel is the extra poundage/pressure on my pelvic floor.

That's the weirdest thing about these last days/weeks. I know stuff is happening to facilitate the birth of the baby but it's so freaky to have very strange sensations in one's body and NOT know exactly what it is.

Anyway....I have distracted myself marvelously with scrapbooking.

The idea of scrapbooking came to me because I couldn't find any fill-in-the-blank baby books that I liked. And I know several people who scrapbook and rave about it. So I thought I would create a scrapbook to record all of the baby's firsts (first smile, first word, yadda yadda).

And I thought I could keep the baby's scrapbook "small and simple". (Feel free to laugh outrageously at that one. It's like saying you want a small wedding.)

Dang! It's an expensive yet addictive craft. You would gasp if I told you what I've spent on start-up supplies and paper. And I've only made three pages. As I've made the three pages, I've had a little angel and little devil sitting on my shoulders bickering.

Angel: "You should stop this now. You already have an expensive hobby in knitting"
Devil: "But it's so pretty and creative. And it's for the baby."
Angel: "Who are you kidding? Just buy a regular photo album and add notes like you've done in the past. Or make one of those cool iPhoto books."
Devil: "But scrapbooking is so fun and pretty".
And on and on--you get the gist.

So...are there any scrapbookers out there? If so, how did you get started? Did you take a class or did a friend show you or did you learn from magazines like I'm doing? Do you have any scrapbooking blogs you like to visit? Are you terribly glad or sorry you started scrapbooking?



Anonymous said...

Totally became addicted after ONE (yes, ONE!) Creative Memories party at my friend's house. I have spent thousands (don't tell anyone!!!) on everything from cutters to stickers to albums. Funny, the film/developing is the CHEAP part now! I used to dread paying 10 bucks at the drugstore to pick up my it's a relief!

It's so great. It's totally the best craft - easy to put down, pick up again, pack away in a box for a month (or 6), then pick it back up again. The best part, though, is the reaction when people see your work - or receive a gift of a scrapbook (either with photos, or just with layouts they can add photos to). It's such a gift to see their reactions.

I made an album for my MIL. She ran a local half-tri, and I went and took about 3 rolls of film that day. I had the BEST BEST BEST time putting that album together, because the shots' chronologic order was so apparent. I gave it to her for her 60th bday about 2 mos later...she cried her eyes out.

In the beginning bought about 5 scrapbook mags after looking at dozens...these had the best tips and ideas...and I just keep referring back to them for inspiration.

I buy all my stuff at AC Moore/Michael's (Ben Franklin?) and JoAnn Fabrics. And eBay, if the shipping is cheap. GOOD LUCK! It's a great way to relax.

Anonymous said...

You are WELCOME to come over to my house and go through my stuff. I never use it anymore. I have boxes and boxes and ridiculous amount of stuff that i spent thousands of dollars on!!!

Ebay is a great place to buy the CM stuff!

Mermaidgrrrl said...

I was going to start one of these soon - if the baby hasn't already arrived of course. Could you take pictures to show what you've done with yours? I thought it would be great for our kid to have a family album with pics from my side and LM's side, an envelope with the donors profile and all their scans through the pregnancy and stuff. I'm soooooooo interested to see what you're doing with yours.

Anonymous said...

i'm not a scrapbooker myself (although i can understand the urge when the baby books on the market really don't fit our family) but my friend sharon is a talent scrapbooker. check her blog out:

Anonymous said...

i'm not a scrapbooker. but i do have the angel and devil on my shoulders. if you saw the amount of clothing/shoes i have for gavin in the next few sizes you'd know who wins. let's just say, i think i could actually cover him til he's four. he's 18 months right now and the devil has me goin to the outlets this weekend! enjoy! contractions will come anytime now huh? yea!! one of you will be updating the blog while you're in labor right???? ;) so excited for you! lisa O

Casey said...

I paper-scrapped for about 5 years but once baby #1 came along, thre just wasn't time and the process of getting things out, setting up, putting away, ect seemed daunting. I gave it up.

Then last Decemeber I discovered digital scrapping and I LOVE IT!! It's all on my computer so when I'm done I hit save, close the program and walk away. I love, love, love it!!

It's so great to have memories saved in such a great way as scrapping. I highly recommend scrapping - in whatever format you are partial to! :)

Anonymous said...

first off i love how the angel and devil are in opposite roles than usual. secondly my scrapbooking phase got started when i got sick of my photo albums as they were just so boring! so I started putting together random pages, and took a class a couple of years later.

I have spent more money than I could ever imagine on this stuff though!

then after my sister loked through my scrapbooks and decided that she wanted to make one too she and I exchanged scrappbooks 4 years ago with 10 pages already done and many blank pages for us to fill. now its become a tradition for my sister and I to give scrapbook pages with just the two of us on them as christmas gifts.

by the wayyour pages are looking amazing!

Patti_Cake said...

Love the photos at the Tulip Farm (I saw some on Pack Of Two's blog also). I so far have avoided Scrapbooking but only because I just don't have the time. I'd love to do it!