Monday, April 14, 2008

Just a few things

Kylie has a large rash on almost all of her body. It erupted Saturday night around 5pm. It was worse this morning but better by this afternoon. Our pediatrician recommended giving her baby liquid Claritn which seemed to help. I pray that it's better tomorrow. It didn't slow Kylie down at all; but her mommies worried about her very much.

We think she got the rash from either playing at a new friend's house (rolling around on their area rug) or from a fairly new food (I had given it to her for the second time Saturday night. There was no reaction the first time I fed it to her. Needless to say, I don't plan on offering it again anytime soon).

Here's some pictures of the sweet baby that I took on Friday.
Playing on our chair cushion obstacle course.

Hand on her hips already--heaven help me.

Part of my next lesson in the scrapbook course I'm taking will teach some creative ways to alter photos. So we were asked to take some mirror photos with us pointing at the mirror. I don't think this is the picture I'll use for the lesson, but I thought it was cool enough to share with you.

Tune in tomorrow (hopefully) to see the finished product.

Lastly, several friends of ours are going through some chaotic stuff in their lives. This quote crossed my path this weekend and I thought the timing of it was perfect. I thought I would share it with you. It's a great reminder to be kind to all and a reminder to be grateful for the relative calm in my life.

I hope your week starts off well!


Stacey said...

sorry about the rash. we've had that with the gerber body wash for babies. we had run out of our natural stuff and got that as a gift. will never use it again!

cute pictures.

The Maven said...

Poor little one! My friend's toddler also had an allergic reaction a few days ago but the cause is as yet unknown. Hope it doesn't happen again to either little one!

Love the quote, too. I was in the ER with Spawnling today and wasn't treated very nicely by one of the nurses. I took a deep breath and remembered that she's probably tired or stressed, just like me. So I smiled and was kind. She warmed up to me a lot better than had I put the Maven smackdown on her ;)

ajs4ever said...

Poor little girl- but she still looks like a doll baby! I loved the one with her hands on her hips-too cute!!

The quote is a great reminder!!

Anonymous said...

I love the hands on her hips!!! Such a sweetie pie.

Library Mary said...

I was wondering if you might let me "link" to your blog from mine.....your pages are inspirational and I'd be honored if you would allow that.