Sunday, April 20, 2008

TN trip-day 4

Day 1- travel
Day 2- visit with Wendy's mom
Day 3- birthday party
Day 4- visit with Karen's family

We are only four days into this trip and already my head is reeling. I'm sure all of you parents out there have had moments when you get so tired that the day feels like a blur and that you are moving on automatic. I know that I fed Kylie four meals today but I would be hard-pressed to tell you exactly what I fed her. I know she took two naps but I can't tell you when they were or how long they were. It's all just a blur.

Which is why I'm glad I take so many pictures! That way I won't miss out on the beauty of Karen and her mom:

Her mom made us a fantastic lunch of chicken and dressing, southern-style green beans, incredibly creamy potatoes, corn, cornbread and chocolate cake. My stomach was very happy!

I got this great picture of Karen and her dad:

We got to spend time with Karen's sister Amy and her husband Tony.

And their two beautiful children, Emily and Josh.

There was Karen's grandmother.

And one of Karen's aunts.

Kylie is at that age/stage where she doesn't really want to be handed to strangers. She's kept a pretty tight grip on Karen and I throughout the day. I completely understand her desire and instinct to not be separated from her parents when there are people she doesn't really know around her. And as long as she was in our arms and laps, she was a very happy and agreeable baby. We made some time to sit in the grass--something Kylie absolutely loves.

My favorite moment of the day was this one. Karen's sister, Amy, is such a wonderful and easy person to be around. I love how much she and Karen look alike. I'm so very tickled that I caught this joyful moment.

I hope to have some time tomorrow to catch up on some of my blog reading. I hope all of you are well. Thank you so much for Kylie's birthday well wishes.


Lynanne said...

Wow, you have been busy! What a relief that Kylie is feeling better. Fantastic photos, btw! Looks like you will have LOTS of good scrapbooking material. :)

Stacey said...

Glad to hear things are going well, even if they are rushing by too fast. Great pictures! The lighting is perfect!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Thanks so much for sharing your visit. The photos are amazing! It looks like everyone is having a wonderful time!