Monday, April 07, 2008


Kylie's sixth word is "KITTY". What's cool is that she'll say kitty when she sees our cats but also when she sees pictures of cats in her books.

Phoebe, the cat, looks less than impressed.

I've been busy with my scrapbook "Digi In Deep" course. As part of the course, we were encouraged to create a big project or something we've been putting off. I chose to create a mini album about my dog Bailey. You can see the whole album and learn a little more about me (including some fun, big-hair pictures of me), by clicking here.
Here is a sample page.

And I finished my class lessonfor tonight.



Anonymous said...

I always enjoy seeing your pictures and scrapbook pages. Your daughter is so adorable and at such a fun age!
Thanks for sharing!


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Congratulations on word #6. Ethan loves to say "kitty" too.

I also love your scrapbook pages. You can tell all of the hard work that you put into them.

Anonymous said...

I just love your scrapbook on Bailey -- what a touching and moving piece. You're inspiring me to finish my tribute to Madison who was my first "baby." She was a week shy of her 19th birthday when she died in January. I miss her so much.

Your blog is wonderful -- I rarely comment but I do check in pretty regularly. I really enjoy watching your adorable Kylie grow and reading about her new adventures.

Best to you and your family,