Thursday, November 13, 2008

10 best things about yesterday

Eating bites of banana by putting my nose to the table and scooping a piece with my tongue—just to get Kylie to copy me and eat a little bit more. She loves it when I goof around with her.

The sound of Kylie’s laughter as she held out her hands, then her toes and then lifted her shirt so that the duck puppet on my hand could nibble her.

Talking with Karen on the phone.

Running in the rain to the song “Love One Another” by Cher.

Watching Kylie interact so bravely and sweetly with the teacher and other kids at Gymboree.

Petting my cats

The salty, crunchy goodness of pretzels

An episode of Friends

Ordering a new book on my Kindle—courtesy of my Mom’s birthday gift.

Making changes to my blogger template without the whole blog crashing down.


2momswithaplan said...

Sounds like a great day! I just love friends!

Jen said...

I like your new template!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy and Karen,

I stumbled across your blog through a friend of a friend's and had a quick browse through. It really made me smile to see and read about such a beautiful, happy-looking family.

I hope you don't mind a stranger commenting like this, but I just thought you'd be interested to know that your blog put a smile on my face on a miserable grey rainy day, so thank you for that!

All the best to you guys and the little one from a student in cold, wet England- and thanks again :)

Kerry Lynn said...

I'm just catching up on the last week. The blog looks great! I heard something about glitter though and I don't see it?
Kylie is gorgeous as usual!

Stacey said...

Love that picture! Sounds like a perfect day. :)