Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend Photos- Series II

Kylie is wearing a stylish suede coat with faux pink fur trim (thanks to Shelly H for the hand-me-down). Kylie decided that her plastic ice cream cone would make the perfect accessory.

Hmm, I believe this is a dogwood leaf.

This coat shall forever be called the ice cream coat. Chicka wouldn't put it down for a moment.

The coat hangs well while looking up at trees,

and while day-dreaming of eating real ice cream,

And for kneeling by waterfalls.

Now here is something fun. This was the original picture from my camera.

If you scroll back up, you can see my Photoshop version. I painted on some rocks! How fun! I didn't like those for sale signs in my background so I covered them up. It's a pretty crude job but I wanted something fast so that I could blog the picture. Photoshop is so amazing. Its possibilities are endless. Maybe someday I'll learn how to erase my double chin.

1 comment:

Dodie Sa said...

I love how you painted on the rocks! It's not crude at all! Very professional!