Monday, November 17, 2008

19 months old

Dearest Kylie,

So many changes this month!

One big change is that you no longer drink formula. Your Mommy was very attached to rocking you in her rocking chair as you drank your early morning (and only) bottle. But when you turned 18 months, she decided it was time to let that go. Now, first thing in the morning, you drink warmed whole milk from a sippy cup while sitting in my lap on the floor as I read stories to you. You like to have 10 or more stories read to you every morning before you are ready to get dressed and begin playtime.

In the past, I would get you dressed on your changing table. Now, after picking out your clothes, I sit on the floor of your room near your mirror. You say “off, off” as I unzip your nighttime sleeper. You stand so helpfully as I put on your shirt. You like to lean against me and lift your feet one at a time as I put on your diaper and pants. And then you walk to your mirror to admire your clothes for the day.

Another big change this month is that you’ve started going to the potty. This process started when you began to tell us when you had peed. So now you wear pull-up diapers and we take you to the potty after meals. You pee in the potty about half the time.

Some of the new words we’ve heard you say this month:
wa-wa for water, bean, apple, cheese, cracker, cheese toast, hot, down, off, see, bus, car, bubble, flower, moon, puppy, turtle, tree, coat, hat, pat, pee, poop, Barbie, Elmo, Dora

You weigh 21 pounds are a just a bit shy of 31 inches tall. This will probably be the last month you wear 12 month pants and 18 month shirts.

You still like to play with your Little People, puzzles and cars. You prefer playing with your Barbie dolls rather than your stuffed animals. You like to prove how strong you are by carrying heavier and bulkier things around like your plastic playroom chairs. You can carry handfuls of toys and you’ve started liking to play with Play-Doh. You’ve always loved to have books read to you but now you want even more read to you throughout the day. And you’ve started asking for a book to be read two or three times in a row.

You continue to be such an affectionate and easy child. The only time you get upset with us is when we have to take something away from you or we have to change your direction as you walk. We are so proud of your accomplishments and we love you dearly.

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