Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ever since we went to Tennessee in May, Kylie has been afraid of bugs. Several times a day, I hear her exclaim, "Bug!" Many times I'll give her a minute and she'll then say, "Oh, just lint" or "Oh, just dirt". But if it IS a bug, she'll want me close by.

I'll say, "It's okay Kylie" and then "Hello bug" in my friendliest voice. I'll say something innocuous like, "Oh, you are an ant. You must be busy today" or "You are a fly. Have you landed on any pretty flowers today?" Kylie will very seriously look from me to the bug and back again.

I'll try to let the bug sit on my finger or arm and talk about how very small it is and how we've been reading about bugs. In general, I treat it like it is no big deal. And Kylie will relax and go about her play.

I have no idea where this fear of bugs originated. Karen and I don't get squeaky about any kind of bug. But I've read that this anxiety is just a normal part of her development. So we are just waiting for it to pass.

We've read lots of bug books to Kylie lately to make the critters seem more accessible. Eric Carle's "The Very Quiet Cricket" and "The Very Lonely Firefly" are two of her current favorites.

For now, I see this display of emotion several times a day.

"Do I hear a bug?"

"Everyone freeze! There is a winged creature in the area!"

"Aaaaaaahhhhh! Bug! MOMMY! BUG!!!

It's kind of pitiful and kind of funny at the same time isn't it?


Alayna said...

We feel your pain on this one! It took about a week for M's fear of wind and trees to pass after the storm, so hopefully Kylie will be okay with bugs again soon.

Also, happy anniversary!!

Jeni said...

Our guy is doing the exact same thing! One day he wanted to touch the bees and squish the ants. Now he squeals anytime something looks/sounds/feels like a bug near him. Glad it's not just us.

laffy said...

My son is 15 and still hops around like a 2 year old girl when he sees a bug. Especially Bees and spiders. He has never been stung by a bee, yet he is terrified of them. I guess some just develop a phobia. You are doing a great job redirecting her, I hope the fear passes for her!

Unknown said...

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Shannon said...

Eric Carle also has one about spiders, "The Very Busy Spider". And "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Both excellent books.

Cute pictures!

Soupy said...

TOO funny- our K is going thru the same thing- she is OBSESSED w/bugs- and manages to find them somewhere wherever we are - in the window, on the wall, etc, - I don't know how, but she does.
Everyone of them are "spiders"!, though! LOL

We LOVE The Very Busy Spider- K recites it by heart now, very sweet book! :)

and happy belated anny to you !!!

and....LOVE Kylie's hair- LOVE IT!! when did she become a little girl ?*sigh*

Heather said...

lol..Bugs are creepy!! I'm with her on this one!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I love the pictures of Kylie...especially the third one. Poor little thing. Fears are so normal at this age. For Ethan he has issues with loud noises and water. All of these things will pass in time.

I love the Eric Carle books too. We have his spider, firefly and caterpillar books. Ethan likes them all.

Kerry Lynn said...

Oh I can't believe you caught all of those emotions! Maddie just saw her first bug yesterday. It was some kind of pretty green skinny beatle-y thing. I let it crawl on me with a very happy voice. She wasn't scared at all.