Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First trip to the beach

Yesterday, we all took a break and all went to Cannon Beach. We were so excited to introduce Kylie to the Pacific Ocean. Kylie must have said, "Ocean! Beach!" about 100 times before we arrived.
At first, she wanted to hold on tight as she dipped her toes into the magnificent ocean.

That lasted about two seconds. Then she was running up and down the beach looking for sticks and shells to throw in the water.

She loved digging in the sand...

and throwing handfuls of sand into the water while yelling, "Ta-dah!"

Then she would clean her hands and do it all over again.

Soon, she was moving so fast I wasn't worried about her getting cold. I took off her sopping jacket which delighted her.

She got sandier and sandier by the minute.

Just when I thought she couldn't get any dirtier, she started burying her feet in the sand.

I was in photography heaven. Snapping away while squatting, kneeling and even lying on the sand to get over 100 pictures. Karen and I just beamed with happiness. We smiled and laughed and soaked in the sight of our beautiful girl enjoying the beach and ocean. What a perfect day!


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Kylie looked like she was in Heaven! Thanks so much for sharing your fun beach trip.

Beth said...

what gorgeous photos!!!

Laurie said...

It looks like Kylie's first trip to the beach was a huge success! She looks so genuinely happy. Your pictures came out gorgeous!

2momswithaplan said...

I just love it when a child sees something for the first time. That is a moment you will never get back. I'm so happy you captured it on camera. The first time she saw the ocean - priceless!

Oh and that beach is beautiful! They don't make them like that here in Florida!

Loralou said...

She is just the cutest thing I ever saw! I am just a little bit jealous right now! lol

Nicole Elizabeth said...

What georgeous photos... my favorites are her Digging in the sand, ta -da and, when she burries her feet with the sand.

Nicole Elizabeth said...

On a side note, and not to be rude or anything... I've noticed that Kylie is always looking down in pictures, it would be great to see those lovely blue eyes of hers from time to time. Thankyou.