Monday, April 25, 2011


Yesterday we saw the newly installed dinosaur exhibit at the zoo.

Kylie was so fun! She was waving and talking to all of the dinosaurs. The robots had lots of grunts, groans and yells and Kylie was convinced that the dinosaurs were talking to her. She kept a conversation going with all of them.


This dinosaur sprayed water on her. Of course she loved it!

There was only one time when she got startled. She was talking to this dinosaur when one around the corner roared really loud. She jumped a foot and made this face.

But then she made friends with the one that scared her. She's such a hoot!

The last time we saw the dinosaurs was in June 2008 at the Portland Zoo. Kylie was in her stroller eating cheerios from her snack cup. The dinosaurs didn't scare her then either. Wow! My baby girl has changed so much but she's still cute as a bug.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

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Michaela said...

Love the dino pictures. It's just too cute to see her making friends with them. What happened to her pants? Did she fall into a water fountain?