Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kylie's birthday school celebration

Kylie had her birthday celebration at school on Friday. Both Karen and I attended.

Kylie got to make an "art queen hat" that morning at school. After their playground break, Kylie got to be in the center of the circle of children at circle time. She and her teacher lit a candle representing the sun. Then Kylie held a small globe and walked in a circle around the candle/sun showing that as the earth moved around the sun, so Kylie aged each year.


As she was doing so, her teacher asked Karen and I questions. For Kylie's birth circle, we got to share that Kylie was an afternoon baby born in Portland Oregon. For her second circle, representing her first year of life, we got to share that Kylie's first word was "Hi" and that she learned to walk holding onto her beloved pretend grocery cart. For her third circle, we shared that for her third birthday, we lived in Virginia and Kylie started attending swim lessons and art classes.

The children sang "Happy Birthday" to Kylie. Kylie got to blow out the candle. Then she got to pick three friends to sit at the birthday snack table with her. She picked her friends Clara, Katherine and McClain.

Karen and I had brought fruit wands for the children's snack.

Kylie ate every bite and enjoyed sitting at the table with her friends.

I brought four scrapbook pages, one for each of Kylie's years, and the children all looked at the pictures when they were finished with their snack.

It was a lovely, peaceful birthday celebration!

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kiles1670 said...

happy birthday Kylie, you are growing up so fast