Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kylie's birthday home celebration

Kylie has been talking about her birthday party since before Christmas. Although she created very detailed instructions for me and Karen, in essence all she has wanted was to invite her best friend Lily over to her house for a playdate and cake.

About a week ago, Kylie told me, "You know Mommy, I only turn four once. You should really have a lot of decorations, especially balloons."

Well my darling Kylie. I did my best to fill the house with balloons! Kylie and Lily started celebrating around 12:15 on Saturday.

The house was soon filled with the sounds of two girls blowing their loud party blowers as loud and often as they could!

After a lunch of Chik Fil A chicken and fruit salad, it was time for the cake.

Kylie was adamant about putting candles on herself.

Singing Happy Birthday to our beautiful four-year old daughter just made my heart ache with pride and happiness and a bit of nostalgia.


Afterwards, the girls ran around the backyard, running off the sugar high and playing with the bubble maker toy that Lily had given Kylie.

After a quick change of shirts (due to some messy eating of bright pink icing), we treated the girls to a trip to Build-a-Bear where Kylie made the sweet "Peace and Friendship" bear.

Kylie and Lily finished their playdate by playing at our neighborhood park. And after a bath, Kylie got to open her birthday presents.

She got lots of awesome gifts from Karen and I and the rest of her family. This unicorn blanket from my mom was a particular favorite.

Kylie felt so blessed with all her presents. We felt so blessed to have such a great daughter and a birthday that went off without a hitch. Kylie, Karen and I just beamed with happiness all day long.

One last thing: Kylie asked me, for her birthday, to paint her cats in rainbow colors and put costumes on them. Sorry sweet love. That was one birthday wish I didn't even attempt to do.


Teaberry said...

The picture of Kylie behind the lit birthday candles looks EXACTLY like you!

-C- said...

When I saw the headline I thought "Aww, can't believe she is three already!" But she's FOUR? Wow. I have been reading your blog for over 2 years then :). Anyway sounds like the perfect birthday.

Kerry Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Kylie!!!!!!!

Soupy said...

Happy birthday, beautiful Kylie! It's been so fun to watch you grow up right before my reading eyes :) Can you believe our girls are 4? Where did the time go? Wonderful day, wonderful girl!

Lynanne said...

Happy belated birthday, Kylie! Such a sweet little girl! It's been a while since I've stopped by and she's really grown. Lil'K celebrates his B'earth day on Friday. Wasn't it just yesterday that they were born?

Beth said...

Happy belated birthday to Miss Kylie!!! Love the pics, especially the cake ones. Hard to believe our kiddos are 4!

Any chance you'll be in town again for a visit? Adam saw Kylie's pic when I was catching up on my blog reading (I'm so behind) and remembered her. She's cuter than ever! :)