Saturday, May 07, 2011

May Day Celebration

While I held down the home front by participating in a neighborhood yard sale, Karen and Kylie went to Kylie's Montessori school May Day celebration.

Just like the Fall Festival, they had a bunch of crafts. Kylie loves to do crafts with her friends.

Her first craft was a pencil caterpillar.


And while the Elementary students wrapped the may pole, Kylie completed this newspaper flower pot with her Lead Teacher, Ms. Pilar.

Kylie made a bookmark

and a necklace


and a butterfly crown.

The last craft was a paper bag to hold some coloring pages, information about recycling and all her other craft goodies.

Kylie took her coloring quite seriously and was at this table over 20 minutes. But she was so proud of her finished creation.

One of Kylie's best school chums arrived. The girls hugged and jumped around.

Then it was time to release the ladybugs.

There were lots of and lots of ladybugs. And while Kylie found it all fascinating, she didn't much want them crawling on her.

The girls romped around some more. Finally it was time for hugs and good-byes.

It was a fantastic May Day celebration!

PS- And we made enough at our yard sale to replace the garage door part that got fried when a nearby transformer blew. Neither our garage lifetime warranty, nor our homeowner's insurance, nor our electric company paid for the replacement. It was a hefty fee but we made it up at the sale. In one hand, out the other!

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Stacey said...

Looks so fun--and I love how serious she is about her crafting.