Monday, May 16, 2011

Saturday things

Momma Karen reached over with her iPhone and nabbed this shot of Kylie and I relaxing on Saturday afternoon. She's playing with my iPhone and I'm playing with her Find It toy. We still haven't found the marble, the pony bead, the candy cane or the elusive penny. We keep this toy by our living room table and hardly a day goes by where one of us doesn't shake and turn it in an attempt to find these last few items.

Other things:

I'm tickled... to be knitting again using my favorite afghan pattern and my favorite cotton yarn.

I'm inspired the Unstoppable Tour.

I'm enjoying reading riddles from this book as part of our nighttime routine. Kylie loves riddles. Each riddle has its own page. Some of the riddles go over her head but she laughs at most of them and is trying to memorize a few. We have several of these Helmer riddle books.
Recess Riddles (Kids Can Read Alone, Level 3)

And am also enjoying books from this author.

Lastly, I wish I had more time to visit your blogs and to comment. Time has seemed very precious and hard to come by lately. Just know that I'm thinking of all you dear readers and sending you my best wishes.


-C- said...

Those pictures are priceless.

MarĂ­a y Vanessa said...

I recently found your blog. We will follow you from Spain if you don't care =)
Those pictures are very nice. Kisses for all

Melissa said...

Are you willing to share you pattern? I've always done the same pattern for my blankets and I'm feeling rather uninspired to make another one... :)


Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Melissa,
If you'll send me an email at
then I can reply with my the afghan pattern.