Monday, June 06, 2011


Thank you to everyone who comments! Especially on the triathlete post; your comments are so encouraging. Reading them lifts me up throughout the day.

On Friday, May 27th Kylie had her last day of school at Discovery.

We got her last week of schoolwork. She's always so proud to show what she's done.

I was particularly impressed with her Handwriting Without Tears worksheets. She had done one of these a day for about a month now. She really puts her best effort in writing her letters correctly and then coloring her pages beautifully.


She brought home her final report card.


We were sad to learn that her lead teacher Ms. Pilar would not be returning next year. So Kylie will have a new teacher next Fall. Ms. Pilar sent pictures home with the last week's schoolwork.

Today, Kylie had her first day at Goddard School. She attended there last summer and loved it. I love the carefree drop-off (anytime after 7am), walking Kylie in and out of her classroom, chatting a few minutes with her teacher and the fabulous written description of her day. It's a wonderful school!

Here's the kiddo with her brand-new summer sneakers (size 8 1/2).


CJ said...

She's getting so big!! LOVE the worksheets, she rocks!

Unknown said...

I really like how they decide on her reports for school. I've spent the last year in Taiwan teaching children Kylie's age. I only report on their English acquisition, but I know a lot of their Chinese classes are based on just the things Kylie's being graded on!