Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of school

I think Karen and I were just as excited as Kylie for her first day at school. I loved snapping a bunch of photos before we left home.



Sweet pea picked up some fallen flowers for Momma and I.


I simply had to take a few more photos as we waited at drop-off.


When I picked her up, Kylie said she had lunch with a "very sweet brown-haired girl". Today Kylie learned to insert her straw in her Capri Sun juice box by herself (she had to demonstrate again when she got home). She mentioned that Ms. Kirby worked with the 4-year olds and that she read them a story with a panda on the cover and an eagle on the inside. Kylie stated that she did some sorting practical life work. She explained that the snack today was carrots, grapes, crackers and water but that she was too busy for a snack. She said she didn't do any work with a mat during school and that she played in the sandbox during playground time.

This was a large amount of sharing for Kylie; last year she would usually grunt and say, "I'm not ready to share yet" when I asked her about her day. Thanks for sharing Kylie! We appreciate it!

Here are her new teachers.

Ms. Kirby

Ms. Elizabeth

and Ms. Valery


Allison said...

It looks like a lovely Montessori school. Glad to hear Kylie is more willing to share with you about her day (so far!) this year.

Unknown said...

Montessori schools rock!
I cant wait to see what she discovers next.

Crystal Gem said...

Your blog is the best! We love the adventures of Kylie. Your blog always makes us smile. Thank you for sharing.

kiles1670 said...

Kylie is so grown up now. Well done on your first day Kylie