Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Right now




Right now I'm...
Loving how often Karen, Kylie and I dance together.

Grateful to all my blog readers and commenters for your words of support. You mean the world to me and your encouragement lifts me more than I can say.

Watching WordWorld with Kylie before bedtime. We just found this show via Netflix and Kylie loves it.

Watching Downtown Abbey at night via iTunes and Apple TV.

Listening to a fantastic audiobook series--Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor.

Bemused by how Kylie says "Don't look at it!" with regards to her artwork. When I pick her up from school or when she draws in the car or when I look over her shoulder at her art table at home, it's always the same, "Don't look at it!" She wants it completed and then she wants me to sit on our couch while she proudly displays the finished artwork to me. At first all the suspense and fuss was charming. Now it's getting a bit old.

Looking forward to starting back to Kylie's regular school on August 22nd. Kylie has picked up a few bad habits from her friends at summer school but I'm confident that we will be back on track once regular school begins.

Astonished at how Kylie is now in "Girls" clothes (size 4 or 5) instead of "Toddler" clothes. Makes me shake my head in bewilderment and ask Karen, "How did that happen so fast?"

Admiring Kylie's joyful approach to life. Here's a video where she is so happy that she just has to sing a little Good Morning song.

Scrapping when I can make the time.



Here's to all of our everyday and treasured moments!


Stacey said...

sorry for the negative words by that woman (your previous post.) I personally think what you've done takes a lot of courage and power. You go, girl!

I am the same way with artwork--I hate for people to look at it before it's finished. It's probably just a perfectionist thing. :P

Nicole Elizabeth said...

I like the scrap book pictures of your beautiful girl. She's so precious.