Saturday, August 06, 2011

Science week



It was science week at Kylie's school this past week. The focus was on experiments. I was impressed with two of the simple experiments they did. The first is pictured above. Kylie took an empty juice bottle to school. She got to fill it with water and then change the color of the water with food coloring. Then the teacher poured in some type of oil. The kiddo thought the oil would mix like the food coloring did and was intrigued when the oil kept floating to the top. Pretty cool experiment!

The second experiment was very simple. Each child got a black piece of construction paper. They they got to pick out a toy. Kylie picked out a plastic pizza slice. The kids put the toy on the construction paper outside in the sunshine first thing in the morning. Before lunch, they took the paper and toy back inside. The background of the paper had faded while the toy shape stayed the darker black. They called it "sun prints".

Friday was science show-and-tell day. I told Kylie she could either take her Alex Toys Shrinky Dinks Kit, Jewelry and show the what the shrinky dink looks like before it is baked and then after. Or she could take some of her Dinosaur Magic Capsules. After much deliberation, she chose the magic capsules. When I picked her up on Friday she proudly announced "I had the coolest show and tell of all the kids!"

Score Mommy!

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