Monday, December 26, 2011


What a fun Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, I enjoyed watching Karen and Kylie track Santa's progress on Google Earth via

The anticipation of Christmas Day wiped Kylie out. On Christmas Eve afternoon, I asked Kylie to play quietly in her room. A short time later, I noticed it was too quiet. I opened her door to find her sleeping soundly on the floor. She hardly ever conks out like that! Of course I had to take a picture of her.

On Christmas morning, we got up at 6:30am to open presents. We had presents from the family on our living room table and presents from Santa under the tree. I'm not sure this distinction meant much to Kylie. She loved all her new things. We heard the most squeals from her when she saw her hula hoop...

her Groovy Girls prince and princess,

her first pillow pet,

and her Rapunzel doll.

If you scroll up to one of the earlier pictures, you might see three pink suitcase-looking storage boxes sitting under the tree. We got those to store Kylie's wind-up toys, Barbie clothes and other things. I made some suggestions on what she could store in them but I also told her they were her boxes to do with as she wanted. When I was cleaning up last night I opened one up. Can you quess what I found lovingly stored away?

Some of you long-time readers much guess correctly....empty toilet paper rolls.



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vigilceo said...

Oh my, I got a laugh out of that! ..... toilet paper rolls! I do remember that post. :-)

Kerry Lynn said...

We tracked Santa on Christmas eve too. I think that's Chris's favorite part. Oh, toilet paper rolls. Too funny. I need to get some storage things like that. We have clear plastic containers. Yours are much nicer!