Monday, December 05, 2011

Skipping, scavenger hunts and more

Kylie is so proud of her new skill of skipping. Her little brain and body have put all the skipping motions together and now she skips everywhere.

Kylie got to have several scavenger hunts with her cousins while in TN. She insisted we have one yesterday. Kylie, Karen and I each wrote onto a piece of paper at least five things we wanted to find in our backyard. After we found everything, we each checked one another's lists. It was sweet and fun and reminded me yet again of how much Kylie likes to collect little bits of nature.

Two other little things that I've noticed:

Someone taught her the word "disgusting" and she has used it twice in sentences about food she hasn't wanted to eat.

Kylie is calling me both "Mommy" and "Mom". I have to confess that I'm not thrilled with "Mom". I honestly didn't think that "Mommy" would get shortened to "Mom" until Kylie was 9 years old or so. I didn't realize how much I had riding on "Mommy" until she stopped using it. Oh well, I'm trying to roll with it.



Stacey said...

Love her face in all those pics.

Hey, mom isn't bad? I'm mama or mom. And it beats using your real name which Riley did for a looong time. :P

Unknown said...

My mom was Mommy, Mom, Momma, or Ma, all depending on where we were, who was around, what we were doing, etc.

Mommy is still the one I use most. It went away for awhile, but came back when I moved across the country :) My nephews call their father Dad, unless it's "just family" around. It's unspoken and subconscious, but they both revert back to DaDa when it's intimate (bedtime, story hour, etc.).