Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa's message

Big thanks to Ali Edwards who introduced me to the free, customized Santa messages on the Portable North Pole.

Watching her video from Santa was one of Kylie's highlights for the week. She has seen it six times and still loves it.

Here's a picture of her waving to the Santa on the screen.

Here are some other pictures I took of her at the park on Thursday. We've loved the warm temperatures and have gone to the park every afternoon this week.

She and I were having an interesting conversation while I snapped the below pictures. I was explaining why she had to wear shoes everywhere at the park except the sand lots. She was debating the merits of wearing shoes.

Kylie can get quite serious and intent.

And just like that, she decided she was done with talking. She thew herself onto the sand and giggled and how the grass tickled her neck.

Ah, childhood.


Allison said...

This is unrelated to your post, but I can't find a link to send you an email. I was wondering what type of camera you use? I'm in the market for a new one and love the focus and colour in your photos. Thanks.

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Allison,

I have a Nikon D40. If I were buying a new camera, I would get a Nikon D90. I'm an amateur photographer for sure. I enjoy tweaking my photos in Adobe Lightroom 3. Good luck in finding your camera and thanks for reading.


Michaela said...

Love the portable Northpole. Thanks for the awesome link.

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of that video! She is so sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of that video! She is so sweet!!!