Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project Life Week 2

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PL Week 2 Page 1

Page 1 has a picture of me, my Dad & Kylie the day we drove home from Orlando
a picture of Kylie checking out her books at the library,
a picture of Karen wearing her new computer progressive glasses,
a picture of Kylie opening the presents we got her at Disney,
and some journaling about Kylie putting worms in the edible garden at her school.
I really want to incorporate more handwriting in this year's Project Life. It's easy for me to write on her art pages because I have to write small. Writing "big" intimidates me, like on the card next to the picture of Karen's glasses. I wrote that card 4 times. The first 3 times the handwriting looked like a cross between a child's writing and that of a hurried doctor.

PL Week 2 Page 2
This page has lots of little "bits". On the blue card, there is some journaling about the fact that Kylie had her eyes checked at school and that she had a visit from "Officer Friendly" from the police department at her school. I took a picture of Kylie and added some journaling about her haircut. I included a part of the envelope with the "intent to re-enroll forms" from her school. I love having a place to put movie ticket stubs; these were from the Alvin & The Chipmunks- Chipwrecked movie, and lastly the descriptive cover from our new set of our favorite sheets.

PL Week 2 insert front
I included this information sheet from her vision screening.

PL Week 2, insert back and art page
On back of the insert, I put in a piece of Kylie's artwork. "G" was the letter of the week and she brought home pictures of goats, groceries (including this food pyramid) and a goose (on the back page not pictured here).

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Megan said...

Love how much memorabilia you included, it looks great!