Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project Life Week 3

Click on the photo to see the credits.
Project Life Week 3, Page 1
This page documents:
our recent letterboxing trip,
the funny photo I took of Karen teaching Kylie subtraction,
a picture of Kylie with a blue heart sticker on her lips along with journaling about Grandpa getting a smartphone,
and a picture of sweet Kylie in the tub.

Project Life Week 3, Page 2 and insert front
The second page documents:
the three cards Kylie and I made to send to our family in TN,
Kylie on a cat statue taken at Atlantic Beach town center,
Karen & Kylie playing together "Where's My Water" on the iPad,
a picture of Kylie sick in bed on Friday (she missed school due to a tummyache),
and our recent trip to the beach. I included some additional beach photos on an insert page.

Project Life Week 3, insert back and clue sheet
And on the back of the insert page, I put more letterboxing photos and the letterbox clue sheet.

Saturday night was one of those nights I just couldn't sleep. So I stayed up past midnight working to put the pages together. It's hard when insomnia hits but there is something magical about getting creative when the house is quiet with everyone sleeping.


Unknown said...

Ok, I think you're roping me into the Project Life idea :) Just wondering where do you get the little inserts that you have typed on? Are you doing that with photoshop on scrapbooking paper? Also, do you have a photo printer at home that you're using?

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Brooke,
I love that I'm roping you into Project Life!

Some of the inserts come from the Project Life kit you purchase. They are a nice quality cardstock. All of my 4x6 date cards that are always in the upper left corner of my "page-1" are from the kit.

The smaller 2x3 cards are both from the kit and also from the digital versions. You can find digital versions of the Project Life kits at: Look under Brands: Becky Higgins. With the digital versions, I use Photoshop.

For the longest time I used photo processors at Target, Walgreens, and other places to print my photos. The photos were acceptable but kind of dark and muddy looking. So in December, Karen bought me a home color printer. I have an Epson Artisan 837. I like their "color correct" feature which allows me to increase the brightness of my photos. I've been very pleased with the Epson printer. I just wish I had bought it years ago.

By the way, Becky Higgins just put out a "starter's guide" slideshow on her blog. You could check it out:

Let me know if you choose to jump on board. I would love to see your pages!


Unknown said...

Lovely beach photos, it sounds like a fun week indeed. What is letterboxing?

Geani said...

OMG. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pictures! Great project so far! Congrats!

kate adderley said...

oh my, your pages are so beautiful, love your work, is the life card digi or cardstock