Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Life week one

I started using the Project Life Scrapbooking method back in August 2011 in the hopes that it would help me catch up on my digital scrapbooking from 2010. Well, I'm still behind on finishing 2010's pages (still slowly working on it!) but I've fallen in love with using the Project Life system.

So I'm tickled to have my new 2012 Project Life album. And I plan on sharing my pages here on the blog. Some of the photos and stories are ones you've seen here on the blog. But I think you'll see some new ones too. Click on any image to see the credits.
PL Week 1 Page 1
Because of the way I keep Kylie's artwork each week, I find it best to use a "front and back" page method for each week rather than the usual "left and right" method so many others use. On this page, I documented our 34ยบ temperatures early in the week, my last week of marathon training, a sweet picture of Karen and Kylie on the couch together, along with a bold 2012 card.

PL Week 1 Page 2
On this page, I wrote about Grandpa's visit along with photos Grandpa and his girls and of the banana pudding Kylie and I made for him (his favorite dessert). There are also pictures of us at the park and some smaller cut-out pieces of Kylie's artwork.

PL Week 1 Insert front
This was a piece of artwork that had a great story attached to it. I printed the story on an 8.5x11 piece of paper and attached the picture.
Grandpa called us on Saturday because one of Kylie's shows on Netflix got hung up and wouldn't play. He called us and left a message. Then he put in one of Kylie's DVDs. Kylie, who was put out by this, decided to draw out the story. In this picture, Kylie is on the left (with a frown) sitting on "wiggle worm". Grandpa with his long hair is standing in front of the tv and on the phone to us. Kylie, this is so very you to draw out this story.

PL Week 1 Artwork insert
Each week, I pick 2-4 pieces of Kylie's artwork to keep. I put them in either 8.5x11 inserts or I glue it to a 12x12 piece of white cardstock. I use a black stamp I got at my local scrapbook store as guiding lines to make notes about her work.

Left insert: Colorbox work from Kylie's Montessori school.
Right: "E" was the letter of the week in Kylie's Aftercare class. Kylie made this elephant fashioned after the Elmer book by David McKee.

That's it for week one!

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