Thursday, August 02, 2012

Project Life Week 29 and 30

I knew that the last four weeks of Kylie's Summer Break were going to challenging with regards to my scrapbooking because I have less free time. These aren't my most complex pages but I'm just pleased that (so far) I'm staying caught up.

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Project Life Week 29 page 1.jpg

Karen's Grandmother celebrated her 100 birthday. I loved this happy photo of her and the one of Karen's mother giving a kiss.

Kylie fell off her bathroom stool on Tuesday morning. The stool turned over and Kylie landed on one of the legs. She got a large scrape-burn-bruise combination that took over a week to heal.

This week: Kylie’s Sight Word List: Sure, there, Were, Where, do, Two, Who, Also

Kylie was playing in our driveway during a rain shower. She loves to play in the rain. I was watching over her from the garage. She told me that these little burs were wish carriers. After she and I made our wishes, she pushed the larger leaves into the stream of water leading to our street’s drain. She waved good-bye to the leaves as they floated away. She came back to me and explained that “all drains lead to the ocean” and that when the burs reached the ocean our dreams would come true. How imaginative and precious you are, my darling girl.

Project Life Week 29 page 2.jpg

This second page has lots of pictures I shot of Kylie at the park. I also included a tag documenting that Kylie has been watching "Dinosaur Train" on Netflix and another tag showing that we've been reading Ivy and Bean books.

Project Life Week 30 page 1.jpg

Back in 2008, I created three scrapbook pages titled "This is how she plays". You can see them here, here and here. I still love that journaling prompt as a jumping off point. And I used it for this week's page one. You can see pictures of Kylie leading the parade of cars from her cardboard box float, she put on a circus show for us (complete with tickets), she made windchimes with yarn and tinkertoy parts and she's had lots of fun putting barrettes on dolls.

Project Life Week 30 page 2.jpg

Kylie had her five-year exam at Oceanside Pediatrics on Thursday after school. She was 42.5 inches tall and weighed 40 lbs. She’s in the 50th percentile for height and weight. Her blood pressure was 80/56. She had her first blood draw (hemoglobin 30.2) and her first urine sample (normal). Her right eye was 20/40 and her left eye was 20/30. When she is seven her eyesight needs to be 20/20 so we will be keeping an eye on her vision. She had three immunization shots: her final DTaP/DTP, Varicella and her combined MMR. The poor darling screamed for all three shots. Thank heavens she is through with immunizations until she is twelve. Kylie was comforted by her Nana Bear during the office visit. And was very pleased with the doughnut I got her afterwards.

We finally got Kylie past her recent night terrors. A friend from the blog recommended gently waking up Kylie 30 minutes after she goes to sleep. This sort of resets her sleep clock. This worked very well. A few times I interrupted Kylie as she was getting wound up for a full terror. The other thing we instituted was a guided meditation that I play out loud on my iPhone. It’s only a five-minute meditation and I sit on Kylie’s bed and do it with her after our usual good-night routine. After the five minutes, Kylie will usually tell me something she deems “important”, something she needs to say before she can shut down for sleep. But since I’m in the room with her, it keeps her from popping out of her room.

This was Kylie's last week of Ms. Robin's eight-week Summer Camp.

Kylie had a haircut on Saturday. I'm so jealous of how her stylist can braid her hair.

Kylie took a picture of the Olympic flag on the tv screen with her iTouch. And I took a photo of her with my iPhone. Amazing. Loved watching Opening Ceremony with her on Saturday afternoon.

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K J and the kids said...

I really hope she outgrows her night terrors. My Syd hasn't. We too tried the waking her up seemed to just trigger them or make them worse. hmm.

Thought you'd like this blog link.
They have video tutorials and also step by step with pictures. With your'll be a pro in no time.
Good luck !