Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Project Life Week 31

Project Life Week 31 page 1

Kylie had art camp this week at the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach. The theme was Magical Marsh Menagerie.

On Tuesday, I took a photo of my car dashboard as we left Sunshine Park.

It's hard to see but Kylie had the sweetest expression on her face in that 2nd small photo. She was spinning.

I was lucky enough to get some iPhone photos of Kylie learning to dive with her swim coach.

Project Life Week 31 page 2.jpg

Right after playing at the Sunshine Park fountain, we were lucky to catch the ice cream truck. It's hard to see in this photo of a photo but i caught some sweet light in Kylie's eyes as she started eating her ice cream.

We ordered books 1-8 of the Ivy and Bean book series. The set came with Ivy and Bean paper dolls and lots of re-usable sticker clothes and accessories. Kylie has played with these dolls quite a bit this week. I’ve loved to watch her change their clothes and act out scenes with them.

Journaling on the card with red string: knew Kylie was too quiet. I was working in the office and realized that I hadn’t heard Kylie. I popped up and Kylie yelled, “Surprise!” from the kitchen. She had made a pretend laser beam obstacle course in the kitchen. She had taped red yarn in all different directions throughout the kitchen. It was very creative!

Knitting card: I finished knitting Mom’s “Baby It’s Cold Outside” poncho. I still need to weave in the ends and wash/block it. I started knitting Dad’s “Henry” scarf. I’m using Rowan’s Classic Yarns Cashsoft 4 ply yarn in a pretty gray color named “Thunder”. I’ve been knitting on it while watching the Olympics. Both knitting projects are going to be Christmas presents.

///// By the way, I looked all over the place for a ball-of-yarn Photoshop brush and couldn't find one anywhere. If anyone knows of such a brush or a knitting journaling card, please let me know. /////

Kylie has been adamant about opening the heavy doors at our local library. She loves to show me how strong she is.

You might think it's funny to have a "Life is so, so good" banner next to me running but I didn't really know just how much I loved to run until I was injured and couldn't run at all. The green journaling card states:
With trainer Joy’s help, I had a great month of training. I feel like I’m finally moving past my plantar fasciitis injury that I incurred in May and that waylaid me during June. I am thrilled to be running again!! In July I exercised 27 days and had 4 days off. This month I had:
14 runs for a total of 53.64 miles
5 bike rides for 62.32 miles
7 swims for 9700 yards (5.5 miles)
3 strength training sessions and
2 yoga sessions.

Project Life Week 31 small insert front.jpg

Kylie's art camp class had an art show on Friday. I took a bunch of photos there and at our home to showcase some of her work. I put the photos in this smaller page protector. The theme was "Magical Marsh Menagerie". Kylie created a papier-mache bird made over a balloon and some pet bug rocks.

Project Life Week 31 small insert back.jpg

She also made some owls out of toilet paper rolls and a small bird next with small twigs and glitter glued to a paper plate.

Project Life Week 31 art insert front.jpg
Kylie painted this red owl.

Project Life Week 31 art insert back.jpg
Kylie painted this bug habitat. It has a mountain on the left with the sun overhead. She drew a blade of grass with ants marching up it. She painted the sunrise. She painted a ladder for some bugs that couldn't fly so that they too could touch the sky. And she painted a tree. Then she went back and made some fingerprint bugs. Such a sweet piece of artwork!

Thanks for looking! Click on the photos to view the credits. If you want to see other Project Life Projects, see
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ECW74 said...

I was just about to ask you if you were still training when I see you snuck in a tiny picture of you running. I miss your training update posts but am glad to see you still at it.

Kelli said...

great layout! love the different expressions you captured of your daughter :)