Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Project Life Week 32

Welcome to another week of Project Life. As usual, click on the photo to view the credits.
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From the journaling cards:

We got AT&T Uverse cable for a month so that we could watch the Olympics. We watched during lunch and after dinner for the 17 days of the Games. Some of my favorite moments were watching:
Ryan Lochte-gold in the 400m individual medley,
Michael Phelps- gold in the 200m individual medley and 100m butterfly,
Allison Schmitt- gold in the 200m freestyle,
Watching the women’s gymnastics team win the team gold ,
Gymnast Gabby Douglas winning the gold for the individual all-around,
Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings- gold for beach volleyball,
I was inspired by the women’s marathon and triathlon and was proud of the USA in our 46 gold medals and 104 total medals.

Even though I take great care laundering and line-drying my workout clothes as soon as I finish exercising, the clothes only last about a year before they start getting stinky. My old clothes are too stinky to give away but it seems a shame to throw them in the trash. It feels like I should give them a Viking burial at sea because we’ve been through such battles together. I even had to toss my lucky white running cap. But the bright side is that this week I bought some new running shirts and shorts. It will be nice to not have the swamp odor surround me as I run ☺. I attached the receipt behind the Nike tag.

This is the story of how five-year old Kylie smuggled a baggie full of nuts into the car in the hopes of taking it to art camp. Halfway on the drive to the center, I heard Kylie rustling something under her shirt. She was trying to hide a baggie full of pecans and walnuts. She explained that she knew that nut trees grew from nuts and that she wanted to grow some more plants at the center. She threw in some crushed crackers and cereal as “fertilizer” into the baggie as well. She went on to explain how upset she was because some of the other students had pulled up some plants the previous day. She wanted to plant new ones to make up for the loss. What is amazing to me is that she had to climb to the upper cabinets to get a baggie and some of the other foodstuffs and that she left no trace behind. I explained that we couldn’t plant her nuts on someone else’s property. She was disappointed but she understood. My darling, industrious, nature-loving girl is a constant source of entertainment and joy.

Project Life Week 32 page 2.jpg

The past two weeks I've been especially grateful that I use the Project Life system because I can have lots of pictures of a single event--like Kylie's Art Camp weeks. I still love to scrapbook 12x12 pages but I get a bit bogged down when I have more than 3 photos to showcase. As you can see, here I've used 6 photos of Kylie showing off her artwork. This is more like a traditional photo album but the notes about her camp give it that extra detail and pop.

The journaling reads: Kylie had another week of art camp with Ms. Kate at the Cultural Center. The theme was Global Trotters and Kylie made a wind sock, a mask, a decoupage rice-bottle rainmaker, a fancy pair of binoculars with painted beads and feathers, an art scroll, a dragon puppet, the flag of Italy and Kylie’s version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The last thing I included (not pictured) was the cover of People magazine with Gabby Douglas and her gold medal. I put it in a letter-sized page protector.

That's it for another week. Thanks for looking! Click on the photos to view the credits. If you want to see other Project Life Projects, see
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