Friday, December 01, 2006

More ramblings

One of my neighbors has rented a CRANE so she can put up her holiday lights. As I type this, she is dangling from her roof and stapling lights to her trim like some crazy person. I'm getting quite a laugh out of it.

We plan to put up our tree and such this weekend. I hope that our youngest cat, Chloe, will not climb the tree this year but I believe this is just wishful thinking.

I'm pleased that as of last night, I've finished all of my holiday knitting. I'm sending packages home instead of traveling to TN for the holidays.

For the past two days, I've felt a bit drained of energy. I tell myself that it's probably a growth spurt for the baby. Plus the belly seems to be growing by the hour. When I bought my maternity pants, I was told by the clerk that they should last the entire length of the pregnancy. Now I'm not so sure.

I've been amusing myself by looking at lists of favorite children's books and then reserving them from my local library. I found a great book this week. It's "Over in the Meadow" by Olive Wadsworth. It's a counting rhyme book with beautiful illustrations.

I'm Jazzercising around 3 times a week but I still get breathless every time I walk up the stairs in my house. I've started to get my "fat Wendy" double chin again. And my newest food addiction is Strawberry PopTarts. They have absolutely no redeeming food value but Oh My Gosh they taste great!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

[18w, 4d]


Stacey said...

Mmmm PopTarts. This week I just want pizza for every meal.

We're not putting up our tree this year although we put up some lights outside. Just don't feel like hauling it out of storage and putting it together. We will definitely have it next year with the baby though. :) Our cats don't climb the tree but they do like to take the ornaments from it. Charlie wrecked an ornament or two as a puppy but we were treeless last year so I'm not sure if he's better now at leaving it alone.

I like the big panel pants from Thyme Maternity. A big panel all the way around that you can put at 3 different levels. They're comfy.

I get breathless going up stairs too. Stairs are hard.

Anonymous said...

How funny your neighbor rented a
crane. Our very first Christmas in this house Shelly attempted to hang outdoor lights. Problem is we have a VERY steep pitch on our roof. We almost had to call the fire department to get her down. Needles to say we haven't had outside lights since that year. Maybe a crane's not such a bad idea!

I attempted to not do Christmas decorations this year myself but Shelly quickly let me know that I'm not allowed to cancel Christmas! While I was out of town on business she did the decorating and I'm VERY glad she did.

BTW - we have pop tarts in our cupboard and are having pizza for dinner. :)

Kathryn said...

We have people all around here who rent cranes, cherry pickers etc. to do their lights. Of course, there are also the people who hire someone to come and do it for them.

I was thinking of draping our entire house in rainbow lights, just to get a rise out of the neighbors, but it seems like too much effort!

wenders said...

First, you guys are adorable. LOVE those pictures. :) Second, man do I wish I had an excuse like being preggers to eat PopTarts...