Friday, December 22, 2006

Practice your kegels, dear

I remember the first time I heard about my kegel. I was in my high school Marketing class and I had asked to go to the restroom. My female teacher replied, "Hold it in dear. It will make you a better lover". When she saw the blank look on my face, she went on to define the PC muscle, also known as the Kegel muscle and how if it was strong, I would be able to do interesting things with my urine flow and it would quote "make me a better lover".

Later in life, aerobic teachers would remind me to practice my kegel exercises. My favorite suggestion was to kegel while standing in line at the supermarket. My aerobic instructor confided that she got a small, perverse thrill as she smiled and made small talk with others while flexing her "love muscle".

Now kegels are back in my life. The Bradley method book that I'm reading recommends 300 flexes (done within five minutes) a day. A more advanced kegel exercise is to flex the muscle and hold it for 10 seconds at least 36 times a day. The gold-medal round is to flex and then release the muscle in thirds (high, middle, and low). Try that one out!! I dare you!

But enough about that.... it's time for a belly picture.

See that distracted look in my eye? Can you guess what I'm secretly doing?

[21w, 4d]


Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I love seeing the belly shots. The good news about kegels is you can do them ANYWHERE!!!

Anonymous said...

Great picture!

Yeah, we were told that the baby boomers all have bladder problems (hence the "gotta go, gotta go..." commercials) because they didn't practice their kegals.

300 times???

Estelle said...

Wow, what was that teacher teaching you to market?
Flex em baby. Though I've had many people say it does no good! But hey, it's a way to pass the time I suppose.